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Children and Infants

Infants can become subluxated during the traumatic birthing process and experience pain the very first day of life. Some births involve pulling of the baby’s head, even with forceps, which can misalign the spine. The chiropractic adjustment for an infant is very different from an adult for Dr. Anglesey. He received hands on training from a pediatric doctor during his schooling and was able to put into practice those techniques very early on. The adjustment is very light pressure to the misaligned areas with no “popping” sounds. Patients have found relief from colic, gassy stomachs, nursing problems, acid reflux, and other problems.

Children are continually falling and hurting themselves. It is important that the spine they grow into is free of subluxations and misalignments in order to function properly throughout their lives. It is important to have children checked for problems early on in order to prevent major issues in their future such as scoliosis which can be treated most effectively in the younger years of life before the bones completely ossify. Car accidents may appear to have little effect on children, but can cause major problems later in life.