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How to get started

At Anglesey Family Chiropractic, the first steps of care can begin in your very own home. Each new patient will call the office and be given a four digit login number to access the initial paperwork which includes a full history questionnaire and other necessary documentation. If you do not have access to a computer, one will be available at the office.

The first visit will include a consultation with the doctor to express health concerns, expectations and answer any questions. You will then be examined and evaluated using specific orthopedic testing, reflex assessments, range of motion evaluation, muscle testing, and other specific chiropractic evaluations. If the findings indicate a necessity for x-rays, then they will be ordered and the doctor will go over them personally with the patient. Depending on the specific condition of each patient, a plan of care will be prepared. If there is a specific condition that is untreatable in the office, the patient may be referred out to another doctor. In accordance with your specific situation, the doctor may recommend physical therapy for the initial pain or massage therapy to help relax the affected muscles and tissues of the affected areas.